Joule Cycling is a turn key cycling service, owned by me, Tim Bolton, that offers bike fitting and coaching tailored to meet the needs of the client.  We specialize in the following disciplines:  road, mountain, cyclocross, and Triathlon.  My goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for every athlete I coach and or fit.

I have over 20 years of combined experience in racing, fitting and coaching and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

My precision fitting process utilizes a combination of computer-aided design technology (CAD) and measurements of anatomy which result in increased comfort, efficiency, endurance, power and overall experience while riding.

The coaching programs offered by Joule Cycling are custom tailored to the goal(s) and abilities of each athlete.  I assess your history, conduct an interview, initiate a field test and then generate a weekly plan along with continuous interaction (phone, text and or email).

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


Bike Fitting

Joule Cycling utilizes a comprehensive examination of each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing. The foundation for each fit completed involves a precise understanding of the motions that positively or negatively affect compression, shearing and or tension which makes a difference to prevent wear and tear. Less wasted motion means less wear, less wobble, less pain.

Joule Cycling utilizes WN Precision technology to generate a solution that solves current fit issues. WN Precision has invested tens of thousands of hours in controlled and real-life environments using real science. Science that was born from necessity; this technology examines each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing status.

Bike Fitters that utilize WN Precision technology have a long track record and continue to work with many of the world’s most recognized cyclists in (Tri, Road, MTB, XC, CX, Track, etc…) Our record spans 17 years and over 66,000 plus blueprint solutions. There are a ton of ideas on how to adjust the bike, but it’s the brain that needs to be aware. WN Precision and all Bike Fitters that utilize this technology believe the evidence is best established over time!

Joule Cycling addresses the actual performance rather the theories of the bike and you. Joule Cycling doesn’t just fit you; we teach you, and that’s what makes the difference. It has taken me years to learn how to explain it all.


My coaching programs are tailored to the needs of the athlete and apply to mountain bike, cyclocross, gravel, time trial, and road disciplines.  The plans that I write are perfect for the athlete looking to be competitive in any event (from 24-hour mountain bike racing to 100-mile gravel bike events to crit racing – I love it all.) and willing to invest 8 to 15 hours of training a week.
I offer one program, the premium plan. 

The process is detailed and will push you hard but the reward is worth it!  I know what it’s like to work 40 plus hours a week and train hard at the same time.  It takes experience to know when to go hard and when to recover – without balance you will overtrain and adaptation to new levels of fitness not be achieved.  Here is the caching program breakdown (in a nutshell).

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News & Updates

100719 Road Bike Fit Relieves Knee Pain

100719 Road Bike Fit Relieves Knee Pain

Athlete Background Experience: NoviceInterest: Knee Rehab and General FitnessGoals: Increase time on the bike without discomfortInjuries: Knee and BackNotables: Athlete worked in distribution/delivery and is currently retired...

100519 Road Bike Fit

100519 Road Bike Fit

Athlete Background Experience: IntermediateInterest: Sprinting and group ridingGoals: Gain USA Cycling upgrade points via Crit RacingInjuries: NoneNotables: Athlete's max power output is 1200 plus watts Bike Data Brand: GiantModel: Propel AdvanceSize: 52Year:...

100419 Road Bike Fit

100419 Road Bike Fit

Athlete Background Experience: NoviceInterest: Daily rides and touringGoals: Overall fitness and more bike touringInjuries: NoneNotables: Athlete recently finished a multiday tour ride from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. on an upright hybrid bicycle. Following the...

093019 Cyclocross Bike Fit

093019 Cyclocross Bike Fit

The cyclocross bike is designed for racing cyclocross racing. This is not a typical gravel bike and can be distinguished as such via the bike frames tire clearance, shorter chainstays/ wheelbase, a more aggressive head tube and seat tube angle and a higher bottom...

092819 1X Drivetrain Road Bike Fit

092819 1X Drivetrain Road Bike Fit

The 1x (1 by) Road bike is a relatively new concept as it has all the characteristics of a normal road bike geometry, rear derailleur, tube shape…but does not include the front derailleur/shifter paddle/cables and chainrings. The 1x Road Bike excels on the flats, crit course and…