Rider Assessment Interview

Prior to making any changes to the bike, I will ask a series of questions aimed at helping me identify who you are as a rider. Questions such as training, racing, goals, aspirations, favorite place to ride, and so on. Background information on injury history, current bike fit, and or gear issues will also be discussed in detail. 

This information will help guide me during the alignment phase (changing the position of moveable parts) where changes that are not covered by the “Bike Fit Solution” and are considered judgment calls e.g. handlebar above horizontal and handlebar rotation and hood tilt/angle.

Anatomical Examination

Following the rider assessment conversation, a thorough examination of the 3 body segments will take place:  Leg, Trunk and Foot.  Each of these segments will be measured in detail. In addition to the anatomical measurements, a hamstring flexibility test will be conducted. The data captured during the anatomical assessment will be recorded and entered into Joule Cycling’s bike fitting software, licensed through WN Precision Bike Fitting technology.

Bike Geometry Examination

Prior to the fit, the bike’s geometry and components will be researched (geometry geeks database) and then the data will be double-checked by hand (tape measure).  The data captured during the bike geometry assessment will be recorded and entered into Joule Cycling’s bike fitting software, licensed through WN Precision Bike Fitting and or BikeCad software.

Bike Fit Solution and Alignment Process

The data captured during anatomical and geometry examination will be transferred to WN Precision Bike Fitting technology and a “Bike Fit Solution” will be generated. The “Bike Fit Solution” is executed in a sequence of steps as follows:

  1. Saddle Fore/Aft
  2. Saddle Height
  3. Saddle Tilt
  4. Handlebar Effective Body Extension
  5. Handlebar Above Horizontal
  6. Handlebar Rotation
  7. Handlebar Brake/Hood Tilt and Angle
  8. Cleat Alignment (Angle-Longitudinal-Horizontal)

Visual Assessment and Pedal Stroke Instruction

The last step in the bike fit process is to conduct a visual assessment of the rider on the bike which is mounted to a smart trainer. The rider will warm up then complete a series of hard efforts all the while I will be assessing body position (leg extension, arm extension, torso angle, cleat position, and so on). As the assessment progresses, I will provide instruction on pedal stroke and method(s) for improving the stroke (everyone can benefit from pedal stoke practice) bike fit as it relates to efficiency, power output, and comfort.   

Finishing Touch

At the end of the bike fit I will mark saddle fore/aft and height location with a small and discrete sticker. Further, I will provide a custom CAD drawing (emailed in PNG format) of your bike with all bike fit measurements for reference.

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  • Remote Bike Fit $200 
    • LEOMO / BikeCad 
  • Studio Bike Fit (In Person)
    • Triathlon / Time Trial Bike Fit $200
    • Road / Gravel Bike Fit $150
    • Mountain Bike Fit $150
    • Addition Bike (post initial bike fit) $100
      • After completing the initial bike fit (the first bike fit that includes the measurement process) any bike that you wish to have aligned to match the fit solution will be 100$.

Read more about our bike fit technology

Joule Cycling utilizes a comprehensive examination of each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing. The foundation for each fit completed involves a precise understanding of the motions that positively or negatively affect compression, shearing and or tension which makes a difference to prevent wear and tear. Less wasted motion means less wear, less wobble, less pain.

Joule Cycling utilizes WN Precision technology to generate a solution that solves current fit issues. WN Precision has invested tens of thousands of hours in controlled and real-life environments using real science. Science that was born from necessity; this technology examines each body segment in weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, and non-weight bearing status.

Bike Fitters that utilize WN Precision technology have a long track record and continue to work with many of the world’s most recognized cyclists in (Tri, Road, MTB, XC, CX, Track, etc…) Our record spans 17 years and over 66,000 plus blueprint solutions. There are a ton of ideas on how to adjust the bike, but it’s the brain that needs to be aware. WN Precision and all Bike Fitters that utilize this technology believe the evidence is best established over time!

Joule Cycling addresses the actual performance rather the theories of the bike and you. Joule Cycling doesn’t just fit you;